Wednesday, 23 December 2015

How to reduce metal contamination and black particles in tablet production

Safe and hygienic conditions are very important during tablet production.  At each step of production care is to be taken so that the final output is not contaminated in any way. The most common problems are that of the metal contamination and the black particles found in the final produced tablets. This causes a lot of wastage of not only the produced material but time, money and energy. Gravity Feeders are made of metal. Due to incorrect setting of the metal feeder it may rub against the turret causing particles to mix with the product.  

This was one of the key reasons on why the feeder was looked at in detail and many options were thought of. This gave rise to the concept of designing a feeder that is Food Grade and acceptable in the pharmaceutical industry. Hence the Food Grade Polymer was used so that the risk of contamination is almost nil.

The Multi – Chamber Feeder is designed in such a way that it can be easily fitted in most of your existing tableting machines. It has auto adjusting scrapper blade so no manual intervention is required. Add to this it minimizes weight variations in big tablets because it has more number of chambers. While the metallic feeder could get deformed or bent due to mishandling this does not happen with the Polymer Feeder. The amazing part is that with all these features your production could increase by 50%.