Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Spring Plugs - An easy method to lock your lower Punches!

One of the reasons why weight variations occur in your tablets could be due to the lower punches not being held in place.

In order to avoid weight variations in your tablets it is essential to use anti turning device for your lower punches. This will also reduce the wear of your lower punches. If proper locking is taken care of then it can reduce the noise level of the press as well. Add to this, the double impression on embossed tablets can be completely avoided.

Using Spring Plug is a much better method to lock your punches instead of the nylon plugs.

The earlier method required 3 parts:
1) nylon plugs 
2) spring strip and 
3) screw. 
The nylon plugs wear out very fast and they have to be replaced frequently.  It is also important to monitor the length of plugs from time to time. During tooling change over you need to remove each plug and set it again which is time consuming.

To reduce all these time consuming hurdles the Spring Plug is a better option.

In the spring plug system you need to only tighten the plugs once and lock them with a grub screw. During changing the lower punch you just need to pull the punch and push it back in. This saves a considerable time in change over of toolings

The major advantages of Spring Plug over the nylon plug system are:. 
  1. Decreases Tooling change overtime
  2. Requires only one time setting
  3. You can set the required pressure on the lower punches.