Thursday, 14 April 2016

Choose the right spares

Over a period of time your Tablet Press machine starts to get damaged due to wear and tear of some parts. Since Tablet production requires stringent quality control, it is imperative to have your Tablet Press running at the desired optimum quality level. To maintain your Tablet Press you need to get it checked occasionally. If there are any parts that require replacement or servicing then it needs to be done quickly before the repercussions of the damage spreads.

When you replace a certain part of your Tablet Press you need to be sure that it will fit correctly and have a good life. Spares should be checked for good quality and a reputed supplier. It is best to outsource the spares from companies that know Tablet Press. This way you are sure that they understand your requirement. 

Good fit and good quality are the two essentials when you are looking out for spares. 
For instance:
  • The cams can be made of different type of steel. However if you use the ones made from alloy steel then you can be sure that they will outlive the cams made from other metals. 
  • Similarly the gravity feeder, if it is made of brass then there are chances of metal contamination and black particles. These can be found in the final produced tablets. Instead, if you use a feeder that is made of polymer then you eliminate the risk of tablet contamination due to feeders.
  • Precision is another important criteria. When you purchase spares many a times they need to be corrected as they do not fit into your Tablet Press. This happens due to lack of precision and accuracy by the supplier.
Selecting the right spare will enable your machine to have a longer and trouble free life.