Wednesday, 2 March 2016

1997 – Small tablets large volume

In the year 1997, we introduced ‘A’ tooling. These toolings are much smaller in size having a body diameter of 12.7mm and can make up to 10mm tablets. The maximum permissible load of ‘A’ tooling is the same as ‘B’ tooling i.e. 6.5tons (65KN).

Since ‘A’ Tooling had smaller diameter we could accommodate more Punches and Dies into a single Turret. Hence we developed the 59 Station Press in the same year [1997].

One of the key advantage is that the 59 Station Press increases the volume of production. Though you can produce the tablets of the size 10mm and below with ‘B’ Punches, if ‘A’ Punches are considered then your production increases. This is because a regular Double Rotary Press can accommodate only 35 Stations of ‘B’ Tooling, whereas ‘A’ Tooling can go upto 59 Stations.

This also makes the 59 Station Tablet Press a very good alternative for Multi Tip tooling that run into higher expense and maintenance. 

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